JHWC In the News

On occasion the Jersey Hills Wood Carvers get some press in the local papers.

Join the Unique Jersey Hills Wood Carvers Club Article in the Hopatcong Lake Regional News 2/14/2020

JHWC 30 year celebration, Jefferson patch.

JHWC 30 year celebration, The Advertiser News

Girl Scout Troop 179 gets a carving lesson - Article in the Jefferson Patch. 06/06/2011

JHWC in the LH Weekly - In the LH Weekly again, 04/19/2011.

LH Weekly Article - JHWC club article in the LH Weekly newspaper. 03/03/2011

Jefferson Patch - JHWC club meeting makes it into the Jefferson Patch. 02/06/2011

Ken in LH Weekly - A great article on Ken. 12/18/2010

JHWC at Jefferson Library - A fun demonstration at the Jefferson Library. 09/24/2010